Things to know to be Professional T-shirt Printing Designer


A lot of people want to be professional t-shirt printing designer since this item is very popular. Moreover t shirt design has also become a tool where artist can express themselves in better income making way. If that is what you want to do, then you must know several things so you can become the best t shirt design maker.

Things to know if you want to be professional t-shirt printing designer

  1. Learn the trend

Knowing what people look for in the t shirt printing is a good thing to start. That is why you must also learn about the trend which also changes every season. However you should also realize that every trend has its own cycle. This means what become trend today might not become one a few months later. However the exact opposite also applies, which means seeing what is trend today is a must for every designer.

  1. See the reality

When design your own t shirt, you should also remember to see the reality. T shirt is not a brochure or poster which has flat surface. T shirt will be worn by people in 3D form. Thus you should be able to see the reality of your design in 3D form when making the design. Apply your knowledge and expand your vision to create better tshirt printing design.

  1. Use t shirt color

When making design for t shirt, try to also considerate the color of the t shirt itself. Even though you make a customized t shirt, that does not mean you need to have more ink. Instead use the t shirt color as part of your design and make the design blend together with the t shirt.

  1. Know your niche

There are a lot of niche that t shirt creator can use whether it is robot design or even funny t shirt slogan. You should be able to master your niche so you can run longer. Of course, it takes time for you to know which niche work best for you. So take your time to learn a lot of niche before choosing which one work best for you.

  1. Learn how to prepare design

Professional tshirt maker should know what to do with their design so it can be printed correctly. That is why you should learn how to prepare design for t-shirt printing so you can avoid problem with your design when printing it. That is not only include the printing procedure but also the file that you will print later.

  1. Use the internet

It is so sad to see that there are many t shirt maker does not use the internet to market their items. Especially today where a lot of t shirt junkies are using internet to shop or finding trending design that they will purchase. That is why you should also try to use internet to market your t shirt design online.

Those are the things that are important to know if you want to be professional t-shirt printing designer.


Description: You must know several things so you can become be professional t-shirt printing designer and create better design, learn more about it here.