A 10 Tip Guide straight to a Slim, Trim you!


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Who doesn’t like to be slim and trim? We may repeat the mantra, ‘Strong is the new skinny’, all the time but vanity gets the better of us. Looking at pictures, the first thing anyone notices is how slim a person is in the picture is!

Well, put vanity aside! It is not just a matter of looking good, but also your health. Keeping yourself slim and trim means that you are within your recommended weight-for-height range. If you are within a healthy weight range, your chances of suffering from diseases like high blood pressure, heart diseases become less.

Exercise and diet go hand-in-hand when you want to lose weight. Make sure you follow these tips in combination with a good workout routine to reveal a slimmer you!

Cut Back On Your Meal Portions

Mealtimes are family times and it is not hard to overindulge in your favorite food when the whole family is at the table. This is something that you’ll have to be mindful of!

If you are not sure about the portion size, you can downsize your meal by using smaller plates. Chew your food slowly and relish the flavors, instead of gulping it down.

Research has shown that eating slowly increases satiety. Dinner at a restaurant can be a challenge when you are trying to control your meal portions. Simply place a half order of your chosen entrée.

Or you can choose an appetizer as your main meal. Using a Slim Weight Patch helps in controlling meal portions by reducing your hunger.

Don’t Skip a Meal, But Eat Only When You Are Hungry!

Since you are cutting back on your meal portions, you are going to have 5-6 smaller meals instead of having 2-3 larger meals. But be wary, eat only if you feel hungry. Just stuffing yourself with food is never going to help.

Start your day with a healthy breakfast and never skip it. It is the first meal of the day and it kick starts your metabolism for the whole day. Indulge in fruits, vegetables, nuts and lean proteins throughout the day.

Do not delay eating once you are hungry, as this may lead to over-eating later on.

Drink Water and Lots of It!

Hunger pangs can be a sign of dehydration, which is commonly misunderstood. Instead of water, you commonly end up grabbing a bag of chips or cookies. So, keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Start your mornings with a glass of warm water with one squeezed lemon.

This is said to aid in weight loss. Drinking a glass of water before each meal produces a feeling of fullness and prevents over-eating. An additional benefit is that it helps relieve constipation. So it is a win-win situation!

Say No to Fizzy Drinks and Juices

Sure, fizzy drinks and juices taste good and keep you cool, after a workout or a hectic day. But they are just empty calories and have no benefits. Instead of drinking packed fruit juices or fizzy drinks, it is better to blend a smoothie of your own.

No Crash Diets

Crash diets live up to their claims of rapid weight loss, but did you know that this is mostly temporary? Crash diets wreak havoc on your body and health. Since such diets have severe food restrictions, they are associated with cravings and rebound overeating. This leads to weight gain, once the diet is over.

Losing weight and maintaining it is a life-long process and it begins with bringing about a change in your lifestyle that you can stick with. Slim Weight Patch helps you lose weight by working 24 hours a day. No need to diet when you have it with you!

Indulge in Lean Proteins and Healthy Fats

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Slimming down is all about having a healthy diet and a healthy diet constitutes of all the food groups in moderation. That said, you can have carbs, proteins, and fats, but you need to make smart choices.

For salads, stay away from creamy dressings. Instead of choosing red meat, opt for lean proteins like skinless chicken, eggs or fish. Choose whole wheat products, as they are slowly digested and keep you full for longer.

Healthy fats are important as they increase the metabolic rate and energy levels, thereby increasing calorie expenditure. The best source of healthy fats includes walnuts, flax seeds, canola oil, soybean oil and wheat germ oil. http://thecelebritynewsblog.com

Snacking Is Allowed

Not all snacks are unhealthy! When you are out in a park or at home, also, sometimes you need a little snack to cheer you up. What you choose will have an impact on your weight.

Instead of reaching for a bag of crisps or a milk chocolate bar, you can have a handful of nuts, a granola bar, dark chocolate or Greek yogurt. Snacks are important as they give you energy between meals. Have healthy snacks and you are good to go!


What better way to lose weight than sleep on it? Research has shown that you can lose weight and keep it off if you have regular and better sleep habits. Sleep deprivation interferes with the two appetite hormones, ghrelin, and leptin. This leads to binge eating and subsequent weight gain. A regular sleep of 7-8 hours will not only leave you with more energy but will also reduce cravings.


Weight Training

When it comes to losing fat, weight training is the best way to do it. Did you know your muscles burn calories, even at rest? You don’t need to use heavy weights. Doing at least 10-12 reps in each set can help you achieve your goals. If you are a little wary of using weights, use your own body weight as a form of resistance. Slim Weight Patch can aid you in burning fat, along with weight training.

Add in a Cardio

Weight training, alone, is not going to help you get the slim physique you want. Combining it with a zesty cardio will do the job. Cardio includes a variety of activities, ranging from a simple walk to a run to a Zumba class. Indulge in your favorite activity and lose weight on the way!

These tips are simple to follow and just need your persistence and dedication. No goal is unattainable. So go on and reveal a slimmer and healthier you!


15 Simple Ways To Burn Body Fat And Maintain Your Weight


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Exercising cannot help you in burning fat and reduce weight until you take the proper diet and diet alone cannot do the same. Both the things are parallel to each other when you want to reduce your body weight and also maintain it.

It is important to do the right exercises that are in reality useful and beneficial besides that proper diet schedule holds more importance than just working out to lose weight.

I will share my own experiences with you that will help you in burning more fats and getting into shape.

Tips For Burning Body Fat:

  • Prepare yourself for failure. It happens most of the time when you go on a program like losing body fat.
  • You should drink black coffee 2 to 3 times a day and before working out.
  • Drink water as much as possible.
  • Avoid sugary foods and drinks.
  • Eat your breakfast; fully balanced.
  • Eat cereals for meals.
  • Don’t eat meat, rice, whole grains, and any other fatty foods or else you will gain weight instead of losing it.

  1. Drink More Water:

Don’t ever let yourself get dehydrated and drink cold water as much as you can because it helps your body to burn more calories due to the process of warming the cold water.

  1. Detox Water Burns Fats:

Detox water burns a large number of calories. I have tried it myself and lost about 4-5 kilograms in a month with regular exercises.

Add apple cider vinegar, 1 cucumber, mint leaves, 1 cinnamon stick, and lemon juice in 1-liter water. Drink it in a single day.

  1. Eat Apples To Slow Carbohydrate Absorption:

Try to eat at least 2 apples in a day because they will give you the feeling that your stomach is full and you will not feel hungry. One more benefit of apple is that an apple contains a substance named ‘pectin’ which reduces your cholesterol and slows carbohydrate absorption.

  1. Cinnamon Tea Balances Your Sugar Level:

cinamon tea

You know what sugar does to your body and the biggest benefit of drinking cinnamon tea is that it controls and balances your sugar level.

Cinnamon tea is easy to make just take one teaspoon of ground cinnamon in a strainer and place it in a cup of hot water for 3 minutes maximum and your cinnamon tea is ready.

  1. Appetite Suppression is Important To Lose Weight:

Losing weight is difficult if you cannot control your hunger. You have to eat less and it helps in burning the fats stored in your body. Try taking Garcinia Cambogia to suppress your hunger. Garcinia Extra prevents fats to store in your body, suppresses your appetite, and also burns the fats stored in your body. You can take 2 tablets of Garcinia Extra in a day, 30 to 40 minutes before taking a meal.

  1. Lower Your Calorie Intake:

It is mandatory that you intake a smaller number of calories in a day than you usually did. Just lessen the number. If you were eating 2000 calories per day, then lower it to 1500 and then bring it to 1000 so that you lose more than you intake.

Eat foods that contain fewer calories.

  1. Improve Your Digestion:

Most important it is to improve your digestion in order to maintain your body weight. It is important because when you eat, the food should be quickly digested so that it doesn’t convert to fats and fats are stored in your body. Ginger can help you have a good digestion or eat foods that are rich in fiber.

  1. Sleep Helps You Lose Weight:

Sleeping properly affects your weight. If you sleep less, then you disturb your metabolism and it leads to gaining weight. Sleeping for about 8 hours is a perfect sleep and you will not gain weight.

Obviously, losing weight is not easy without any proper workout. Following are some really good exercises that are easy to do even at home.

  1. Cardiovascular Exercises:

Cardiovascular Exercises

Cardio exercises are ones which increase your heart rate. It is important to exercise your heart and lungs. Cardio workout helps in that. These types of exercises include walking or running, cycling, aerobics, etc.

  1. Yoga Keeps Your Body In Shape:

Yoga is one of the best exercises to do at home if you want to lose weight and keep your body in shape. Most importantly, it keeps your lower body in shape and also reduces your belly fat.

  1. Squats Tone Your Overall Body:

Squats can help you tone your body from head to toe. They reduce belly fat, tone your thighs and buttocks too.

It is an exercise in which you couch/sit with your knees bent and your thighs are parallel with the floor.

  1. Abdominal Exercises Reduce Belly Fat:

If you are sick of your belly fat or lower tummy, try doing abdominal exercises. They tighten the muscles of your tummy and give you a flat one.

  1. Swimming:

Nothing can burn more calories than swimming. If you can go for a daily swim or every other day, then it is guaranteed that you will never ever gain weight and the fats stored in your body are also burnt by swimming.

Swimming is the best thing to do to lose weight fast.

  1. Skipping:

Skipping burns a large number of calories. Try running while skipping, but the best way to lose weight by skipping is to keep your legs together and then jump on a skipping rope. This is also a cardio workout.

  1. Make A Proper Schedule:

The most important tip to lose weight is to make a schedule and follow it. Losing weight takes time and it requires consistency. Make a proper routine of dieting and exercising and just follow it.


These are just 15 simple and easy ways to lose weight fast and if you just follow your routine and stay consistent then losing weight won’t be a difficulty for you.

How to lose your weight fast and naturally


lose weight fast

The majority of the individuals undergo dieting and exhausted workouts for losing weight but these ways will take much time in making them slim.

Obese individuals can lose their weight within few days by applying some effective ways. Your body will burn more calories if your metabolism is working fast.

Following are some of the best ways to lose weight quickly and naturally.

Ways to lose your weight

  • Consume green tea

Regularly consume green tea that will help in boosting your metabolism. According to the research studies, it has been proved that drinkers of green tea burned approximately 70 extra calories in 1 day period. According to these researchers, an individual can lose 7.3 pounds fat in a whole year. Green tea is enriched with catechins (metabolism-enhancing antioxidants) that will boost your metabolism.

  • Drink sufficient water

Water is essential for your body for processing stored fat in an efficient manner. Numerous benefits are associated with water, one of which is weight loss. Water can boost metabolic rate by 30%, thus by drinking more water your body will burn more fats. PhenQ is a reliable weight loss supplement that has the ability to boost metabolism. Caffeine is found in this supplement that will enhance metabolism and thermogenic. Try to drink 8-10 glasses of water every day.

  • Eat healthy food

    healthy food

You must eat healthy food if you want to get rid of excess weight. Avoid eating those foods that are high in sugar content as they stimulate the brain to stock fat in enormous quantities. Do not eat soft drinks and processed foods as they have a huge amount of sugar. Unprocessed foods are best to eat.

  • Do not skip any meal

You would not be able to lose your weight rapidly if you skip meals. Your metabolism will be slowed down for conserving energy if you are not eating every meal. Therefore,it is recommended to consume every meal.

  • Eat eggs in your breakfast

Eating protein-enriched meals in your breakfast will assist you in controlling your hunger for rest of the day. These meals will also provide sufficient energy to your body to keep it an active whole day. Eggs are considered to be the best food for your breakfast .PhenQ is also effective in suppressing your craving. Chromium Picolinate is found in this supplement that reduces your cravings for carbs and sugar.

  • Go for evening walk

Physical activities during evening time have many advantages. In the majority of individuals, metabolism gets decelerated in evening. Doing evening walk will help increase metabolic rate for next 2-3 hours. Make a habit of 30 minutes’ walk few hours before your dinner.

  • Avoid eating snacks

    avoid snacks

Snacks are not good for your health, especially when you aim to reduce weight. Processed snacks are easily available in the market and they are also delicious in taste but you should also be aware of their disadvantages. Such snacks are enriched with sodium and saturated fat that are not good for your health. Replace snacks with fruits, salads, nuts or boiled eggs.

These foods will supply sufficient fiber that will keep you fuller. You would be amazed to know that PhenQ also keeps you full by suppressing your appetite.

  • Get adequate sleep

Research studies have found that people who sleep less than 4 hours every night have a slower metabolism as compared to those individuals who sleep 8 hours at night. Try to get adequate sleep so that you can put off extra pounds. Getting proper rest is also necessary.

  • Reduce your salt consumption

Your body will start retaining water if there is much sodium in your body. This will make you feel and look bloated. Your everyday sodium consumption should not be above 2400 milligrams. Reduce your salt consumption and avoid eating chips, pretzels, soups and canned foods.

  • Use small plates

You must be thinking how small plates can reduce your weight but believe me it actually works. Small plates give a message to your brain that you have consumed much food and you also feel full. Decrease the quantity of your food in order to reduce your appetite. However, if you are a food lover, then take weight reducing supplements such as PhenQ.

Checkout PhenQ Before and After Weight Loss Results Before you Buy it.

  • Avoid eating carbohydrates

    eating carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are not good for you if you are planning to shed off extra body fats. Low carbs food can be consumed for getting quick weight-loss outcomes. According to a research study, carbohydrates is one of the key reasons behind obesity.

  • Consume fiber and protein

Fiber and protein are found to be helpful in keeping you full whole day. Try to eat those foods which are high in fiber and protein. Both of them also have fewer calories as compared to fats. If you do not like to eat vegetables, then you can also take supplements.

  • Avert drinking calories

Do not drink calories if you want to avoid weight gain. Carbonated drinks and sodas have many calories that will result in storing excess body fat. Fruit juices are also bad for bulky individuals because they are rich in sugar content.

  • Eat spicy foods

Spicy foods contain capsaicin that can increase the release of adrenaline (stress hormones), which will boost your metabolic rate and thus burns more calories. Research studies have shown that hot peppers can decrease your appetite.

  • Control your food addiction and craving

It is not easy for a food lover to reduce his/her appetite. A strong will power will be required to control food addictions and cravings. You can also use appetite suppressants if you have weak will power.

Final verdict

These 15 ways are really beneficial in losing your weight fast. These will provide you maximum benefits and will help you get a smart body structure. Follow these simple ways for burning extra body fats.

Implement them in your everyday routine and you will start observing results within few days. Try to add fiber and protein to your regular diet to have a control over your food cravings.